Topic: Manifesto


  • The party is founded as a promoter of national growth. It doesn't matter the mode and quantity that we are committed to supporting the nation. Political, military or any other kind of engagement aimed at improving the nation and avoiding internal conflicts is well accepted.

Policies and terms

  • The party is centrally oriented because there is no willingness to approach the ideologies of the real world. We want to be the cross between conflicting positions. We want to be able to choose the idea and not the person who proposes it.

  • The party pursues authoritarian policies aimed at focusing management structures within a national or shared orbit. We want to work for the nation. We want to do it together with everyone.

  • The party's management and the respect for its manifesto are headed by the founder and his successors. Up to date, the only party guarantor is Gueneo. The party president commits itself to respect the manifesto and to consider guarantor suggestions (there will be no imposition). Party members will establish the good or bad conduct of the president by the possibility of confirming or voting a new candidate in subsequent elections.

  • Every member of the party, including the guarantor and the president, is obliged to avoid acts aimed at severing tensions in the country. This means no insult in the first place and avoid bringing back old grudges. We want to work for the future, the past is history.

Last edit 13th May 2017